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Bondi Lines

In October 2021, just as Covid restrictions ended, we started posting live updates on instagram.

We started with 5 venues in Bondi and after a couple of weeks we branched out to Double Bay, Coogee and Clovelly.

Roughly a year later, we began posting live updates in Wollongong and Melbourne.


For each city's website is a 'Live' section, where you'll find all the live updates. 

Live Updates or Real Time Updates are an indication of what is happening inside of a nightlife venue. 

This includes:

  • A Bar Graph that indicates the relative busyness and subjective energy of the venue, as well as, the estimated time it will take it get in if there is a line.
  • A Comment that subjectively describes what is happening in the venue or how long the wait to get in is.
  • The Latest Video from inside the venue (typically of the dance floor) or outside the venue (typically of the line)
  • A Link to the Event that is on that night. This is likely to include to what entertainment is on and where relevant what DJ or Band is on. Here, you'll also be able to find a link to the online ticket or a link to learn more about the event. 

The times that the Live Page is active varies for each city and is only active during the peak times of going out.

What's On

Each city has a filterable what's on page, where you can see all events, entertainment and artists are coming up. 

For more information about each event, use the links in the what's on page:

  • The Learn More section will have more information of what this particular event is typically like, how much it is, when it usually gets busy, videos and photos.
  • The Ticket Link will take you to the ticketing platform to buy your ticket before hand. 
  • Exclusives are city-specific offers that are only available through our website. This includes discounted/free entry, line skips, free drinks on entry and more.

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