Bungalow 8
3 Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000

DJ & Instrument(s)

Free Entry, Line Skip and Red Bull Pre 10pm

Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Bungalow 8

‍ Bungalow is an extremely reliable weekend dance floor venue in Sydney. ‍ It is down in Darling Harbour, one of the nicer parts of Sydney. Apparently it is Bali themed, which you wouldn't know until someone told you. Once you get told, you get it. The cabanas and leafy feel of the venue are the giveaway. ‍ There is a large outdoor space, that is still partially covered so is only slightly effected by rain. Then there is the inside bar. There is also an upstairs area, which feels like a function room, and can be reserved for private bookings. ‍ When upstairs is open, it tends to attract the oldies on Friday and Saturday and gets a dance floor. Downstairs there is a DJ accompanied by an instrument. The instrument varies, but the sax and trumpet are most common. If they're feeling funky, the drum kit gets involved as well and it's a full blown band and DJ affair. ‍ Downstairs there is always a dance floor on Friday and Saturday and it gets very busy. There's a young element to the crowd, but it is generally pretty mixed. We regard it as one of the best places to dance in the city where you won't be surrounded by 18 year olds.


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Free Entry, Line Skip and Red Bull Pre 10pm


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