Establishment Bar
Ground Floor, 252 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Salsa Dancing

Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Establishment Bar

‍ The "Estab" has a real lux feel to it. ‍ We're no interior designers, but it feels like it uses a lot of marble. That, combined with the high roofs, island bar in the middle, and host staff that are immaculately dressed makes it feel like you're getting a premium experience. ‍ It is in the city, so the crowd is almost all over 30 yer old corporates. People match the feel of the venue and are dressed very nicely. There are a lot of suits, and the door staff don't let people in who are dressed down. ‍ It gets a dance floor on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which seems remarkable given their clientelle. If you are over 30, it is highly recommended to go there for a dance. They put on a DJ that plays commercial music. ‍ Tuesday they also host salsa, which is really random in the context of the other nights and general vibe. A very mixed crowd comes in, and it is actually fun.


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