Unicorn Hotel
106 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021


Free Drink, Happy Hour Prices 9-11pm OR Line Skip

Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Unicorn Hotel

‍ The Unicorn is a staple late night dance floor in the east. ‍ All the pubs in Paddington shut at 12am, whereas the Unicorn stays open until 3am. ‍ There are two levels, one is downstairs from when you enter. They can put on live music and it has a piano. Surprisingly, there is also a beer garden out the back, which few people know about. The main level has a couple of pool tables and is darkly lit. ‍ The venue would have a capacity of about 250-300 when they close the downstairs at 10pm, which is when the DJ starts on the main level. Because they close the downstairs and the capacity isn't huge, it is easy to hit capacity, especially given it is the only late night spot in Paddington. There are regularly 30 minute + lines from 10:30pm on the weekends. It is also walking distance from the SCG and SFS, so whenever there are games on there it hits capacity very early. ‍ The crowd is typical eastern suburbs types. Think yuppies and ex-private school and college kids. They are mostly 22-30 by the time the dance floor is going. ‍ The best part of the venue is it is 7 doors down from Indian Home Diner, which is also open until 3am. It serves mouth watering Indian kebabs. The #5 with onion bhaji and mint sauce is the best option.


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Free Drink, Happy Hour Prices 9-11pm OR Line Skip


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