Marlborough Hotel
145 King St, Newtown NSW 2042


Friday, December 8, 2023
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Marlborough Hotel

‍ #### The Marlborough Hotel on a Saturday The Marly is the best bar in Newtown. ‍ It is at the city end of King St and feels as though it is the start/end of King St, depending which direction you are coming from. ‍ There are three main areas - upstairs. This is for a casual drink, less so a dance floor even if they have a DJ or entertainment up there. It closes at around 11:30-12 and has a balcony. The main area consists of a dance floor at the front of the venue and a beer garden out the back. Overall, the venue is pretty tamed pre 10pm. From about 10:30pm the dance floor gets going and continues until late. There is also downstairs - Tokyo Sing Song. This is usually reserved for promoters and has paid entry. It is the only techno spot in Newtown. ‍ #### Crowd The crowd is a melting point. The venue is close to the University of Sydney, and to a lesser extent UTS, so it draws a lot of 18-21 year students. But it also draws an alternative crowd of creatives, as well as young professionals that live in the inner city. Expect a range of ages and professions and the beer garden is a prime spot to mingle with all these types.


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