The Carter
GROUND/16 O'Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000

RnB & Hip Hop DJs

$15-20 Off Entry & Free Red Bull

Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The Carter

‍ The Carter on Friday is one of the few hip hop clubs in Sydney. ‍ The venue itself has a grandiose feel. The main area has a very high roof and gold bars around an island bar in the middle of the room. As such, you'll need to be reasonably dressed to be allowed in. At the back there are some tables for bottle service and an area to dance. The smoke machines are legit, and the bottle girls are fun and get in to it with everyone. ‍ Upstairs there is a small ball pit and a few booths for bottle service. There is also a downstairs, which opens if it is busy enough. This is a low roofed room with space for a dance floor. There isn't always a DJ down there on Friday's. ‍ On Wednesday and Thursday it is an after work spot for a meal and drink. On Friday and Saturday night it is much more of a club. ‍ It is a really mixed crowd. Because it is such a nice venue and has bottle service, there is a portion that are older/classier. There's also young people there because it is a cool venue and they like rnb/hip hop. Expect multiple ages, ethnicities and people from all over Sydney.


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$15-20 Off Entry & Free Red Bull
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