Scary Canary
469 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

Wet T Comp & DJs

Free Drink (Hyoketsu RTD) pre 10pm

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Scary Canary

‍ Scary Canary is one of, if not the funnest venue in Sydney. ‍ It is a very simple venue - there is a left hand side and right hand side, that are equally sized rectangles. The right hand side is the "lower" level, which has the bar, and is more for sitting/drinking, mingling and ordering drinks. The left hand side is the "upper" level, and by upper we mean three steps higher. This is where the dance floor is, and there is a stage on this side of the room for any games. It holds about 300 people. ‍ The energy of the place is jovial. Everyone in there dances/sings and gets in to it. There are routinely games they put on, ranging from Wet T on Wednesday, chicken wing eating comps, twerk offs, limbo, beer pong and more. They literally have an in house MC whose job it is to run such games if the atmosphere isn't fun enough. ‍ Backpackers and 18-21 year olds make up almost all the crowd. There is a hostel next door, and the place has events mid week, which make it ripe for this crowd. However, there is absolutely no shame going as someone older. As long as you get in to it all are welcome at Scary. In fact, we would highly encourage over 21s to pop in at least once a year a year to keep their fun in check. Hens and bucks are also strongly encouraged.


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Free Drink (Hyoketsu RTD) pre 10pm


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