Beach Road Hotel
71 Beach Rd, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Beachy Thursday

DJs Upstairs

Thursday, December 7, 2023
2:00 pm
8:00 pm
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Beachy Thursday

Beach Road Hotel

‍Beach Road is the best venue in the eastern suburbs (at least). ‍ It is a known sporting destination. In the front bar, especially for NRL and AFL grand finals, Bledisloe (rugby union, Australia vs. New Zealand for the rookies), boxing and UFC, there are BIG crowds. ‍ The upstairs has two components - one is the Valley, which has pool tables and an indoor and outdoor drinking space. This fills out as it turns dark and can have sport on big screens for big occasions. The other is the Rex, which also has pool tables and arcade games on the far side. Upstairs also has an intimate smokers area, that gives the perfect amount of seclusion from the main action. The other area is the 'backyard' or beer garden, with phenomenal sunshine throughout the day. Each seating section of the backyard is little a little community. There are rumours on the website and on google, that Beach Rd also has hotel rooms, but this is yet to be confirmed. We've also heard they are planning to build a pool on the roof, but we cannot confirm this. ‍ The crowd is predominantly Bondi locals and people from the east, mixed with a dose of backpackers. If you're from the east you will very likely run in to someone you know. There tends to be an even split of guys and girls, except the front bar, which has more guys for sport. People dress down and a bit more casually. 22-30 is the age range. There are plenty of 18-20s on Wednesday night though. ‍ The music is on the house/tech side of commercial on Saturday's and gets a HUGE dance floor. On Friday's they have live bands and or Hip Hop in a second room. These tend to only get small crowds. The other main night is on Wednesday, which is more like Saturday - playing house/tech style music, but still pretty commercial. Over summer there will be some pretty well known DJs playing. ‍ #### Busyness Downstairs is almost always very busy from 6pm on. In winter the main attraction is the sport in the front bar. In summer, it is a combination of sport and the sun in the beer garden. ‍ Upstairs throughout the week is either not open or quiet. On Saturday it is a different thing all together. From 9:30 it is absolutely packed with a dance floor. In summer the venue can even hit capacity, which results in no further entry from about 11:30pm. ‍ With the exception of Saturday in summer and spike days like City2Surf, Beach Road rarely hits capacity because it is so big. So usually the biggest the line gets is 5-10 minutes to check IDs. Security guards are typically strict, especially later in the night, so if you are pissed you are rolling the dice as to whether you'll get in. The whole venue closes at 1am, and is very busy until close. ‍


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