429 New South Head Rd, Double Bay NSW 2026

Sheaf Wednesdays

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
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‍ The Sheaf is one of the most popular venues in the Eastern suburbs. ‍ It is massive. There is a front area inside which has sport, a TAB and pool tables. Out the back is a beer garden as well as an inside room where the main dance floor is. Upstairs there is a garden area and another indoor space, which can be used for functions and occasionally they put DJs on. Our guess is it holds something like 1 000 people. ‍ It is most known for Sheaf Wednesday's, which attracts a very young crowd and is a right of passage for fresh 18 year olds. Other days of the week it gets a much broader crowd. During the week, it is a pub, where people come in for a drink, feed, pool and sport. On Friday's and Saturday's it puts on DJs and or bands, and draws in a lot more of the 25 year old + crowd. ‍ It tends to be a polarising venue, in that you either love or hate the Sheaf. We tend to love it. You can spend the whole day there, day drinking in the garden, before transitioning to the dance floor later. The mixed age crowd makes it more fun and it closes at 2am, which is a lot later than other venues in the east. However, the dance floor can get very packed, making it hard to move, and if you aren't from the eastern suburbs it is a cliquey crowd.


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