Side Bar
509 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000


Saturday, November 25, 2023
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Side Bar

‍ Side Bar is the only venue in Sydney that has a DJ and at least a small dance floor every day of the week. ‍ It holds a bit over 300 people, is underground, has a bar in the centre, and the main dance floor area is in the back corner with the DJ. ‍ It is known for hosting a range of themes and gimmicks, especially on Wednesdays. On Monday and Tuesday, when Sydney nightlife is at it's worst, Side Bar is one of, if not your only option. The music is commercial. You'll know almost all the songs and be able to dance. If you are after high quality or niche music, go elsewhere. ‍ On Friday's and Saturday's it can get long lines to get in. Very rarely does the place pump pre 9pm on any night of the week. ‍ It is below a big hostel, so is renowned for having a large backpacker contingent. Otherwise it is a very young crowd. Of course, there is no shame going if you're older. ‍


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