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10 Pieces of Wisdom for 18 year olds

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10 pieces of wisdom for 18 year olds

The HSC is finishing, so we’re about to be inundated with ‘learners’ going out for the first time. Going out is a skill, so here are some pointers for first timers.

Note: We are idiots, none of this is health advice and should not be taken seriously. 

1. Learn to dance

Dancing is the most important part of going out. If you’re going to be self conscious or throw out half assed moves, then don’t bother. See tutorial video to get you started. 

2. Handle your drink

Being blackout and throwing up is never fun but a crucial part of learning your limits. Use the bad nights as a way to gauge when you can’t drink anymore. You never want to be the one in the friend constantly ruining plans and nights out because you have to be taken care of. The compromise is drinking for longer periods to see how you’re body responds. 

3. Ruin Somersby’s, Goon and Fat Lambs. Keep beer, Vodka Cruisers and Wine up your sleeve

When testing out your drinking limits, you don’t want to have a shocker on beer, vodka cruisers and wine to the point where you can’t drink them again. These are crucial drinks you’ll want to keep up your arsenal in future years. If you’re going to have a shocker, make it on Somersby’s, goon or fat lambs. These are drinks that have no relevance in future years. 

4. Practice at Schoolies 

This is the perfect practice for all the above. It is an opportunity to drink long, see how you go backing up, see if you can actually bender and apply your trade on the dance floor. 

5. A bender is not going out on consecutive nights

Don’t be that person that claims to be on a bender when you have slept. A bender is when you have not slept the previous night.

6. If you’re a bloke, no one wants to get with you

Get rid of the idea that you go out to get with people. You earn this right over time. As an 18 year old male especially, you are the least desirable person in the room, even the 45 year old in a suit has you covered. Focus on having fun, handling your drink and mingling, without the end goal being to get with someone. 

7. Ease into Ivy Thursday

Ivy Thursday is the most popular and noteworthy going out spot if you’re young. However, it is a behemoth. You risk being overwhelmed and getting scared of going out if you start there. Places like Scary Canary and Side Bar are very fun (not cool), but are smaller and marshal you round with games and gimmicks, which make for perfect spots to go for the first time.

8. Get over pre’s

You pre to save money, get drunk before you arrive or to hang out with people you already know to stay in your comfort zone. The sooner you are less reliant on being pissed to have fun, are comfortable meeting new people and actually have money the better. 

9. Routine is key

Because going out is a skill, consistency is key. Once a week as a minimum is the starting point. 

10. Test if you like electronic music

You don’t know until you’ve tried it. Ones to test - SASH Sunday’s (minimal techno), Lost Sunday’s at Ivy (House/House techno) are good starting points cause the crowd is younger. If you like those, you can graduate to places like Civic underground (pick your events) and Club 77. 

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