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Best 2-Up Spots for Anzac Day in Sydney

Some highlights for the best 2-up options in Sydney on Anzac Day.

If it’s not the best day of the year, it’s in the top 5.


Most places go off on Anzac Day. This is a shortlist of the ones that are particularly zoo-ish and or have some big set up like the street being cut-off or a grandstand.



Royal Paddington


This is an iconic Anzac Day location in Paddington. Last year there were HUGE lines from 9am. They shut off the laneway for 2-up.


Forgive us, but we think it is overrated. There are long queues for the bathroom and bars, and you can’t more between inside and out as they are overrated as separate venues. But it’ll be absolutely packed.


Because the Royal gets so packed the crowd spills over to the London, Bellevue and Woollahra Hotel. Last year, by 11am the London had a big line, then 1pm Bellevue and Woollahra did.  



Australian & Glenmore


The two venues are near each other in the Rocks, and have the street cut off for 2-up. It gets absolutely packed across both venues. The crowd is a mix of your casual drunks and a few more serious dawn service goers and servicemen.

2-up outside the Glenmore.



Cloey (Clovelly Hotel)


The biggest day of the year for the Cloey. They install a grand-stand for 2-up and it gets absurdly packed. It as so busy people were complaining last year about not hearing the MC cause there were so many people playing.



Dicks Balmain


Balmain is a big 2-up area. The pubs pack out. Dicks is the highlight, with its grandstand set up in the outdoor area.


Sackville is another noteworthy Balmain venue.





A big outdoor area where they install a grandstand for 2-up. Because it is so big, it is very unlikely to get lines or hit capacity throughout the day but will be very busy.


There’ll also be DJs after 6pm, which turns in to a dance floor.


Sheaf last year.


Vic on the Park


The carpark, basketball court and grandstand are ready made for 2-up. Last year the venue (which is huge) hit capacity at 1:45pm.



Bank & the Clock


Both venues have fishing rods. Like literal fishing rods so people in the upper levels can collect or send their money to people they bet against in 2-up. It means the nosebleeds can get in to the 2-up, so the atmosphere is raucous.


Beach Road


Grand stand installation, shows the AFL and NRL. Has a massive capacity across the whole venue so is a big day. The after party kicks upstair as well with a big dance floor.


Caringbah Hotel


This is one that was definitely not on our radar. But apparently they takeover the carpark for the day and every Cronulla Sharks supporter in a 5km radius goes. Even Shannon Noll (literally Shannon Noll) got a run back in 2019.

Hunters Hill Hotel


Also one that came out of nowhere from the punters. Has a big wrap on it, which makes sense when you think about the large outdoor space and design making an organic amphitheatre. Apparently it gets packed.

Hunters Hill Hotel last year.

Dee Why RSL


Dawn service, into breakfast, into 2-up. Meant to go off and be a staple Anzac Day spot for the northern beaches.

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