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Late Night Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs in Sydney Nightlife


Late Night Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Sydney Nightlife Venues Open till 5 am onwards

Sydney Nightlife is renowned for starting early and finishing early. The effects of the Lock Out Laws are still being felt and are, arguably, responsible for training sydney-siders to go home early. For more information on the Lock Out Laws that restricted Sydney Nightlife between 2015-2021, read our article here. Despite this, hidden deep in the concrete jungle, there are venues open late. 

Bridge Hotel 

119 Victoria Rd, Rozelle NSW 2039

The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle/Balmain has a 24 hour licence for specific events. Most of these events start at 9pm or midnight on a Saturday and continue until midday Sunday. On rare occasions, these 12-15 hour late night events happen on a Friday. Late night events at the Bridge Hotel are predominantly of the house, techno and tech-house variety and get relatively busy. There are two dance floors at the Bridge, one inside and one outside.

The Bridge Hotel Operating Hours 

 24 hour licence, only for specific events 

Crows Nest Hotel 

1 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065

The Crows Nest Hotel in Crows Nest, North Sydney, doesn’t have a 24 hour licence but does open to the early hours of a Saturday and Sunday.  

The Crowie usually has live music on weekends, a mixture of cover bands, original artists and acoustic singer songwriters. When there’s not a band, there is a DJ playing well known singalongs, commercial and classic songs. The Crowie gets very busy past midnight when the upstairs outside area closes and people on their way home from the city or manly pop in for a late night dance floor. 

Crows Nest Hotel Operating Hours

  • Friday - 10am–6am
  • Saturday - 9am–5am
  • Sunday - 10am–12am
  • Monday - 10am–3am
  • Tuesday - 10am–3am
  • Wednesday - 10am–4am
  • Thursday - 10am–4am

Pyrmont Bridge Hotel 

96 Union St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

While Pyrmont Hotel is not known for having a dance floor or even getting particularly busy, it is one of the few places in Sydney’s Nightlife that has a 24 hour licence. We don’t usually recommend that people go there because it does not get busy or have a dance floor, but for those who want to keep the night going, it is an option. When the English Premier League is on, you may find some fans there. If you are with good people and are happy to sit around and have a few drinks in an old school pub, then you will likely have a good time. 

Pyrmont Bridge Hotel Operating Hours 

24 hour licence 

Strawberry Hills Hotel 

453 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Strawberry Hills Hotel is a pub in Surry Hills. Sydney has a weird thing around central station where there are suburbs that aren’t really suburbs, such as Haymarket, Strawberry Hills and Broadway, that are colloquial suburbs but not real postal suburbs. That aside, Strawberry Hills Hotel is one of the few venues in and around the city and Surry Hills area that has a late venue licence. The Strawberry Hills Hotel gets a dance floor until the early hours of the morning and is relatively busy.

Strawberry Hills Hotel Operating Hours 

  • Friday - 9am–6am
  • Saturday - 9am–5am
  • Sunday - 10am–12am
  • Monday - 9am–6am
  • Tuesday - 9am–6am
  • Wednesday - 9am–6am
  • Thursday - 9am–6am

Universal Nightclub 

85-91 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Universal Nightclub is really two nightclubs under one philosophy and management. Universal Bar is downstairs, free-entry, LGBTQI+ friendly, predominantly gay male and gets very busy on Friday and Saturdays nights. Typically, throughout the week, Universal Downstairs showcases Drag Shows throughout the night, as well as a dance floor and DJ. The Universal Club is upstairs, ticketed, LGBTQI+, predominantly gay male and is only open on a Friday and Saturday, with the rare Thursday and Sunday events. Of note, the downstairs level doesn’t have a DJ after 3am, instead they play the same spotify playlist every week (which is not a dig, we love it). 

Universal Nightclub Operating Hours:

  • Friday - 5pm–5am
  • Saturday - 5pm–7am
  • Sunday - 5pm–3am
  • Monday - 5pm–2am
  • Tuesday - 5pm–2am
  • Wednesday - 5pm–3am
  • Thursday - 5pm–3am

Oxford Hotel 

134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Oxford Hotel is a multi-level pub on Oxford St, Darlinghust. The main level, ground level, is a sit down, chill vibe and does not get a dance floor. Oxford Hotel is a gay-friendly pub. Most people there are above 25+ years of age, male and often gay. 

The Oxford Underground is the downstairs area of the Oxford Hotel, and operates pretty much as a separate venue. Most events are techno, house and other electronic genres similar to techno. This area of the pub is more like a nightclub and gets a busy dance floor. 

Other levels with the venue, have drag shows and comedy nights, but otherwise are sit and chill type of vibe. 

Oxford Hotel Operating Hours: 

  • Friday - 10am–6am
  • Saturday - 10am–6am
  • Sunday - 10am–4am
  • Monday - 10am–4am
  • Tuesday - 10am–4am
  • Wednesday - 10am–4am
  • Thursday - 10am–4am

Coogee Bay Hotel

253 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee NSW 2034

Coogee Bay Hotel is a pub in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. CBH is known as one of the best beer gardens in Sydney and gets very busy in summertime and on sunny, warm days. One of the defining features of the Coogee Bay Hotel is its late night licence. One of the few best pubs in Sydney’s Nightlife that doesn’t get a dance floor. Instead, People Go there for to sit down and chill for long sessions, sometimes ending at 6am on a Friday and Saturday night. 

Coogee Bay Hotel Operating Hours 

  • Friday - 10am–6am
  • Saturday - 8am–6am
  • Sunday - 8am–10pm
  • Monday - 10am–4am
  • Tuesday - 10am–4am
  • Wednesday - 10am–4am
  • Thursday - 10am–4am

Hotel Steyne 

75 The Corso, Manly NSW 2095

Hotel Steyne is a massive venue in the north of Sydney. The Steyne hosts a world-class rooftop, with views of manly beach, multiple levels and a large beer garden. The Rooftop closes at midnight due to noise restrictions. At the very back of the dance floor is a small dance floor area that gets very busy until the early hours of the morning.  

Hotel Steyne Operating Hours 

  • Friday - 9am–6am
  • Saturday - 9am–6am
  • Sunday - 9am–12am
  • Monday - 9am–3am
  • Tuesday - 9am–3am
  • Wednesday - 9am–3am
  • Thursday - 9am–3am

Ivanhoe Hotel 

27 The Corso, Manly NSW 2095

Ivanhoe Hotel is a multi level pub in manly. The ground level is usually pretty quite, the middle level and top level gets a dance floor usually late around 1am. These upper two levels are more like nightclubs than pubs, with loud speakers and designated dancing areas. 

Ivanhoe Hotel Operating Hours: 

  • Friday - 10am–6am
  • Saturday - 10am–6am
  • Sunday - 10am–12am
  • Monday - 10am–4am
  • Tuesday - 10am–4am
  • Wednesday - 10am–4am
  • Thursday - 10am–4am

Abercrombie Hotel 

100 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

Reopening 23rd December with a 24 hour licence. A historic venue that progressed the evolution of iconic Sydney Minimalist Techno promoter SASH. The Abercrombie Hotel, also known previously as the Australian Hotel, will house 2 restaurants and a nightclub area, expect big things to come. 

Abercrombie Hotel Operating Hours 

Expected 24 hour Licence 

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