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Playing This Week 10th October - 16th October



Arrdee - Nior

20yo Rapper from Brighton, UK does classic UK drill rap. Saw his break featuring on a remix "body" by Russ Millions and Tion Wayne. Furthered his rise with a massive debut 'Pier Pressure'.

Event and Tix here


Pool Clvb - Beach Road

From Sydney, producer and songwriter, is currently doing a residency at Glass Island on Saturdays. In the same house/pop realm as Flume, Motez and Flight Facilities.

Event and Tix here

The Kooks - Enmore Theatre

Also from Brighton UK, The Kooks are pioneers of early 2000s British Indie Rock, alongside The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. Their massive song 'Naive' is on every early 2000s angsty pre-iphone, teenager's ringtone and tv show.  

Supported by Wombarra (Wollongong) locals 'The Vanns'. Jimmy and the boys put on a phenomenal show, worth getting done early and seeing the support.

Event and Tix here


Big Scary - Factory Theatre

From Melbourne, started in 2016, released heaps of albums and won heaps of awards. Heartfelt, moody and slow tempo.

Event and Tix here


Miramar - Waywards

From Sydney, Indie Rock meets House/Pop. Imagine Touch Sensitive, Dua Lipa-like Vocals and a band.

Event and Tix here

Semantics - Chippo

Brissy punk rock band. Aussie vocals over typical straight palm muted distorted guitar and heaps of kick drum. Thank god they don't do that Tom De Longe style singing that most pop punk bands too. Wear your black jeans and band shirts.

Event and Tix here

Connor Wall - Tokyo Sing Song

Techno DJ from Melbourne 

Event and Tix here

Daily J - Lansdowne

From Auckland NZ, if you are into bands, it's likely you've had their song "Left me like summer" on your spotify radio. Chill, dreamy, folky, boppy, catchy.

Event and Tix here

Passenger - Enmore Theatre

You know that one song that sounds like a lullaby with xylophones and that voice that sounds really squeezed. You only know your lover when you let her go :(

Event and Tix here

Jack Ladder - House of MBC

From Sydney, distinctively deep, coarse voice, think Johnny Cash or Nick Cave. Almost spoken word singing with heaps of echo so sounds kinda 80s.

Event and Tix here


Little Delilah - Waywards

From Sydney, sounds like the Preatures and Holy Holy.

Event and Tix here

Hidden Empire - Greenwood Hotel

From Germany, massive on the techno/house and techno scene.

Event and Tix here

Leisure - Lansdowne

From New Zealand. Dreamy, smooth and vibey. RnB-style drums, synths, clean with a bit of chorus on the guitars and soul, falsetto singing.

Event and Tix here

Maddy Jane - Mary's Underground

From Tazzy. Imagine Australian female singer-songwriters like Julia Jacklin, Ali Barter, Ruby Fields and Alex Lahey.

Event and Tix here

Nick Reverse - Oxford Underground

Italian Techno DJ who is apart of ‘We Love’. 

Event and Tix here

Rest for the Wicked - The Vic

Half Melbourne, Half Sydney. Their recorded song's sound quality is fucking unreal, put on some headphones on when you listen. Alternative indie/electro pop but like very moody and kind of dark. Very cool though, hard to pigeon hole.

Event and Tix here


Running Touch - Bungalow 8

Massive Melbourne Artist. House Pop with simple, very rhythmic single note guitar playing and a beautiful, higher range voice.

Event and Tix here

The Darkness - Enmore Theatre

From the UK, they have that classic glam rock song called "I believe in a thing called love". Expect long hair, over the top head banging, tight leather pants and jackets, guitar solos and high pitched singing. Think Kiss, Bon Jovi, Bowie, T Rex and Alice Cooper.

Event and Tix here

Human Movement - Lost Sundays

From Sydney, 2 lads from the east, producing, mixing and DJing.

Event and Tix here

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