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Playing This Week 12th - 18th September


Artists Playing This Week


Dora Jar (US) at the Lansdowne.

Dora Jarkowski merges pop, indie and rock sensibilities. Sounds like George Alice. 

Isabella Manfredi (AUS) at the Royal Bondi. 

Bella from The Preatures now venturing the world by herself. Those iconic vocals from  “Is This How You Feel?” come though in her solo stuff. A bit more synth than the preatures and more 00’s pop cutesy singing than expected. 


Gerard Buttigieg (AUS) at Bootlegger’s (Kelly’s). 

Bridges Tame Impala’s 2008 self-titled EP with their 2010 debut ‘Innerspeaker’. Listen to “Half Full Glass of Wine” then “It is Not Meant To Be” by Tame then Gerard’s “His Naplam”. He nails that dreamy, 70’s psychedelic rock sound. The recording may be mostly live, which is quite impressive because they give, what sounds like syncopation, polyrhythms, weird time signatures and modes, a red hot crack. Other songs flirt with Radiohead styles.

Supported by: 

  • The Bluetoungues 
  • Bourke's

Landon Tewers (US) at the Lansdowne 

After five albums singing for metalcore/post-hardcore ‘The Plot in You’ and some rhythm guitar and vocals for ‘Before Their Eyes’, Landon is releasing his own music. The new project takes the same intensity for his past but now in a ‘cleaner’ sounding, alternative pop. Self described as “music for psychopaths”.

Rina Sawayana (JAP) at Impy Den

A listening party? Why doesn’t she actually play. Not sure if she’ll actually be there. 

Has a huge hit “Beg for you” with Charli XCX. Very electro pop with huge singalong choruses. Brittany Spears inspired. Could honestly be on the top 40 radio and not be out of place. Playing her new song “Hold the Girl”. Starting an acting career in John Wick 4. Also a model. 

Stevan (AUS) at The Vic 

From the Gong, a young producer and singer doing RnB and bedroom pop. On spotify, you'll hear top tier producing on all his tracks, it will be interesting to see how this comes through in a live set. 


Noir City at the Lansdowne - Mini Festival

Advertised as a “festival”. 4 headliners and 2 support acts.

Creep Features from Sydney, is the heaviest of the 4 and sounds like ‘Royal Blood’ and ‘DZ Deathrays’, also a 2-piece. 

Satin Cali, from the Gong, brings back memories of ‘Grinspoon’ and ‘Violent Soho’. 

Sputnik Sweetheart, are yogies (Canberran), may hear hints of ‘Wolf Alice’ and ‘The Grates’. 

The Sooks, from Western Sydney, play classic indie rock, imagine: ‘San Cisco’ and ‘Jungle Giants’. 

Dead Witch (AUS) at Bootleggers (Kelly’s)

From the Inner West. Resembles a more rocky ‘Body Type’ and a more attitude-y ‘Stonefield’. Fuzzy guitars, catchy “f*ck you” choruses and general rockstar type personas. Gibson guitars plugged into a Big Muffs into Orange Amps, flared pants and 60s nostalgia is the style.

Supported by: 

  • Pan-Pacific Gran Prix 
  • Crotch

Church & AP (NZ) at Chippo Den 

Auckland boys rapping over some pretty cool beats. Surprisingly, can't the accent that much. 

Confidence Man (AUS) at Waywards (Bank)

Huge artist for free, ofc it's already sold out.

KYE (AUS) at Tokyo Sing Sing Song (Marly)

From Melb, pop and RnB singer. Releasing new song Bossin'. Has released music with 'Sampa the Great'. 

The Blamers (AUS) at The Vic 

Also from the Gong, their one song on spotify sounds very fun, boppy indie rock with a catchy chorus. Can easily imagine it sounding similar live.

Vini Vici (ISR) at Marquee

The Massive Duo from Israel, play euphoric, psychedelic trance and electro. Big hitters in the clubbing scene since the 00's. Listening to this with all the Marquee entertainment bells and whistles will be phenomenal. 127 million listens on their song "great spirit".

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