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Playing This Week 14th - 20th November


Playing This Week

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Touch Sensitive - Sheaf Wednesday

A member of Van She from 2005. Van She was a synth, indie pop/rock band from Bankstown. For all the early 2000s indie heart throbs, they will remember the classic "Kelly". Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) has taken that dancey synth pop into his solo project and it works really well. He has a few massive songs, such as "Lay Down" and "Pizza Guy", where he slaps and bops a bit of bass guitar and sings in his distinctive falsetto voice. With HSC and Uni Exams finishing, expect a big crowd.

Groove Armada - Hordern Pavilion Wednesday and Thursday (Sold Out)

From London, Groove have been playing for over 25 years and are heavy weights at Ibiza and the European circuit. The electronic duo is known for unreal mixing and remixing of unusual, retro songs. Most notably "At The River" in 1997, is a remix of a 1950s country music song by Patti Page "Old Cape Cod", this is also the first song that put them on the scene. "Superstyling" is a fucking banger, a mix of UK Garage, reggae and dub step, this song brought the underground music to the mainstream. Expect to see some over 40s at the concert, reliving their party days.

Moonchild - Oxford Arts Factory Thursday

From LA, do a sophisticated take on jazz, RnB and neo-soul. Moonchild reform the already smooth musical styling of jazz/neo-soul and put a psychedelic, dreamy edge on it. Expect to see instrument and voicing technicality of the highest tier. Filled with a mix of synths, brass sections, drums, percussion, ukulele and, of course, the flugelhorn. Music is soft, gentle, floaty, introspective and rhythmic.

Flume - The Dome (The Showground) Friday

From Sydney, went to St John's College at Sydney Uni, where he played a few of his first shows and spent most of his time writing his first album. Described as the pioneer of 'Future Bass', which is kind of dupstep and kind of trap music, which is recognisable by the fast wob-wobs (Low-frequency oscillation and modulation) and heaps of high hats. "Never be like you" is a great example of this style, think about the chorus breakdown. Also listen to "Blue - Flume Remix" for the filthiest breakdown, comes out of nowhere and is phenomenal. Flume usually collabs with amazing singers and producers a great blend of heartfelt relatable lyrics and unbelievably catchy lyrics, and creates a sense of emotional euphoria while still remaining dancey. He is one of Australia's greatest, innovative and talented DJ/producers of all time. Even you think he is overplayed, he is deserving of being played the amount he is.

Also I'm putting money on Toro y Moi getting on stage with Flume to perform their song "The Difference" together, as Toro is playing at Metro Theatre the following Monday.

Hot Chip - Roundhouse Friday

From London, classic indie synth-pop but heavily influenced by house and disco. They are weird, quirky and a bit trippy and their synth sounds and lyrics reflect that. Feels like you're in a pinball machine, with bright colours getting bounced around. Expect to see a lot of people on stage with a huge sound and light show. Listen to "Ready for the floor" and "Boy from School".

Josh Cashman - Harbord Friday

From Melbourne, and has a melbourne hair cut, Josh Cashman gained a lot of attention when touring with Tash Sultana, who he has also collabed with. A very talented guitarist, lyricist and singer. Playing at Harbord for Aus Music T-Shirt Day, so wear your fav aus music shirt. Playing alongside Big Wheels and Taj Ralph. Should be an epic show. Don't be surprised you start fangirling on this heartthrob. His style is like Lime Cordial and Ocean Alley, and other northern beaches, chilled dream indie-rock.

Ricki-lee - Poof Doof Ivy Saturday

Born in New Zealand, Ricki-Lee is an Australian Icon. She made a name for herself on Australian Idol in the second season in 2004, finishing 7th but getting a record deal. She is a TV personality and presenter, as well as, doing a stint with Kate, Tim and Joel (Which is actually fucking amazing, just quietly), when Kate Ritchie got in trouble for drink driving. Ricki lee was also apart of Young Divas. Her signature sound is pop, RnB and a bit dancey. She has an amazing voice and great live energy, Poof Doof at the Ivy is going to go off.

Ra Ra Viper - Waywards Saturday

From the heartland of cool in WA, the Freo boys make grungey, indie-rock. Expect to hear heaps of reverb over 7th chords on the guitar and grainy vocals with downtrodden, adolescent angst lyrics. Waywards will be packed with indie kids.

Claptone and Franky Wah - Harbourlife Saturday

Franky Wah - Cult Saturday

Claptone is a German DJ Duo, who famously wears a plague doctor mask, which looks a bird. They play House and Tech House. The two guys sometimes play at different venues at the same time, which is pretty funny. It's rumoured there is actually three of them, wouldn't be surprised if that's true; but most people think it's just the one person. They are not hard techno or house purists, they also chuck in remixes of popular, cool songs.

Franky Wah will be playing an after party at Cult. From Yorkshire, UK, he produces EDM and electronic party anthems. The classic english guy look. Listen to "Under the Sun"

Dean Lewis - Enmore Theatre Sunday

From Sydney, is a pretty big singer songwriter. Sounds Irish, where those unmistakable hard R's. Huge songs include, "Waves" and "Be Alright", you've probably heard on Nova or KIIS. Sensitive lyrics and emotive, large vocals.

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