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Playing This Week 17th October - 23rd October

Bondi Lines

Playing This Week 


TY Dolla $ign - Enmore Theatre 

LA born, Tyrone Griffin Jr., has featured on heaps of tracks with the likes of Post Malone, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa. If you’re into RnB you’ve probably heard “Swalla”. Featured songs tend to be more popular than his solo originals. 

Elijah Something - Beach Road

Co-founder of Conspiracy and Lost Sundays, Elijah Scadden is also playing Lost Paradise at the end of the year and Lost Sundays. Minimal house, funk bass/house and a bit of techno. Expect Lost Sundays regulars at the beachy. 


Outright - Lansdowne

Supported Rise Against back in 2015. Broadly described as heavy metal, but more specifically elements of thrash metal, punk and screamo. Expect intense, non-ironic handbanging. Currently on a national tour.

Tame Impala - Qudos Arena

From Perth, led by Kevin Parker. Tame became a household name after their album ‘Currents’ and are now one of Australia’s biggest bands. Prior to ‘Currents’, Tame were the big hitters of the indie/alternative scene. Other than Kevin writing, producing and recording all the songs, the most interesting thing about tame is the performing band and Kevin are in several bands together. Most notably, the band ‘Pond’, with Jay Watson and Nick Allbrook, where Nick takes the lead and Kevin used to play drums. They also played in a band together called Mink Mussel Creek. In 2012, Kevin started a side project with his at the time girlfriend Melody Prochet, called Melody’s Echo Chamber. 

Kevin’s style that permeates through all his projects is upbeat, psychedelic-inspired, sonically complex and layered music with downtrodden, distant and elusive vocals with stacks of echo and a bit of gain. The evolution of tame impala, from 70’s psychedelic rock with guitars to synth-heavy dream pop, is reflective of Kevin’s ability to stay relevant, innovative and his ongoing discoveries of different sound engineering techniques and interests.


The Toothpicks - Chippo 

Most like ‘The Last Dinosaurs’ but there’s undertones of the heavier parts of ‘Yves Klein Blue’. 

Kelly Lee Owens - Metro Theatre 

Welsh (Cyraeg) Producer, previously a singer in a indie-rock band, now creates and spins minimalist and synthy techno/electronic. Less wub wub and drops, and more synth loops, arpeggios and experimental sounds. Don’t expect Boots n Cats, expect a dream-like journey through weird sounds working together. 

Lazy Ghost - Harbord 

Surf, Indie Rock from Byron Bay. “Holy Moly '' is very Skeggs with the “ohh wah ohh” back-up vocals. Other songs are more similar to Ocean Alley and Tash Sultana with heaps of reverb on the guitars and vocals with a indie-rock/reggae strumming pattern. 

Steel Panther - Hordern 

Comedic Glam Rock Band, with absurdly sexual lyrics. For instance, take the song “Glory Hole” and the lyrics: 

“There's a hole in the wall where you put your cock and balls

But you never really know who's sucking on the other side

Is it a boy or a girl, or a lady-man hermaphrodite?”

Expect tight leather pants, long fizzy hair, thrusting and head banging. More of a comedy music act than an actual band. Prepare to be entertained. 

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - The Vic 

From Canberra. What a band name, worth seeing just for that creativity alone. Punk Rockers, garagey and catchy. Their song “AHHHH!” is a stand out and worth a listen. Imagine the heavier songs of Tired Lion and a less poppy Ruby Fields.

Estee Louder - Civic Underground 

Sydney Producer and Event Organiser. Has played Mardi Gras 2021 and made mixes for Triple J. Runs Event and podcast called “CONTROL”. Big Player in the Lesbian and LGBTQI+ Community. Often Plays alongside DJ Sveta. Mixes Disco and House.

Nerdie - Waywards 

From Sydney and is hard to make generalizations about. On the one hand, his track “half of it” is almost-whispered, moody, dark, indie electronic and sounds very SALES. Then releases songs like “BROKE HOEZ” and “RACKS”, which are starkly different. Fast, aggressive, almost-trap, hip hop more like “Run The Jewels”. Not sure what you’ll see live. 

Stepson - Lansdowne

From Brissy, punk/hardcore band. With scream/yelling verses and melodic singing in choruses, they are the pop punk-ish response to Parkway Drive.

Outfit - Oxford Arts Factory 

From Melbourne, soul-pop, RnB rhythm and indie/alternative sensibilities. Listen to ‘Still Woozy’ for a reference of something similar, though outfit are a bit more poppy and RnB like. Very busy, syncopated RnB drumming, funk popping bass lines, jazz chords on the guitar, RnB/pop singing, surround sound percussion, and bright, clean synths. 


Russell Small (of the The Freemasons) - Beresford 

Freemasons, from Bristol UK, are huge producers and songwriters. Their song “Love on my mind” featuring Amanda Wilson is a fucking banger. The 2000’s take on 1970s disco/funk. Almost up there with Jamiroquai. More disco than funk, heaps of strings and brass and a strong female vocal. Donna Summers reinvented 40-odd years later. 

DJ Python - Slip Inn 

From the US, is a producer and DJ. Electronic and House with some vocals and weird percussion layers. Not your straight up boots and cats, rather ambient and atmospheric. On a world tour, having come from Brusells, he is heading down to Strawberry Fields later in the year. 

Thompson Twins - Enmore Theater 

Ask your parents, they will know them. Listen to “Hold Me Now”, you’ve probably heard it before. Released in 1984, arguably the great year of the boomer generation, is actually pretty good. Not sure if it’s a gig for you but you can seem knowledgeable to your landlords/bosses. 

Butterfingers - Waywards

From Brissy, classical Aussie Hip Hop from early 2000s. If you like Hilltop, Seth Sentry, Urthboy, Phrase and Pegz. What’s really cool about Butterfingers, its a band with a hip hop singer. Has that massive song FIGJAM (Fuck im god, just ask me)

Radio Free Alice - Chippo 

From Sydney, indie rock. Reminds me of The Cure and The Smiths. Aptly self-described as “music for the depressive snob and the dancing drunk”. 

Radicals - Oxford Arts Factory

From Sans Souci, Sydney, are 90s-00s garage rock, think Nirvana, early-Silverchair and Creed. Whilst, garage, post-garage and rock, they have some punk splashed in there. 


KLP and K.I.M. (The Presents) - Bungalow 8 

KLP, Kristy Lee Peters, is a massive Sydney artist, with lots of awards. Most known for her collab with Stace Cadet “Energy”. Listen to it. It’s quality. She has released a new single “Feel the Same”, is dreamy, pop/house and a much lower gear to “energy” but still pretty good. 

K.I.M., Kim Moyes is from The Presents. It is unclear if he will play Present songs, judging by his whafie gig back a few weeks ago, most likely not. To be fair, and contrary to what the Bondi Lines I.T. Man posted on our feed after the gig, it is a DJ Set so there’s no expectation for them to play their own songs. Although, at Wharfie, they did in fact play some of their own. Nonetheless, a killer DJ and producer. 

Elijah Something and DJ Life - Lost Sundays 

Elijah Something see Beachy Wednesday.

DJ Life is from Melbourne, plays techno and house/techno. Expect boots n cats with an emphasis on the ‘n’, otherwise known as the high hat. You’ll know it’s a drop with that high hat opens. Also uses long drawn out synth sounds intermixed with ambient digital motifs looped for ages. Slow builds and subtle drops.

Artmann SASH Day Greenwood 

DJ from Amsterdam, techno. The most defining feature of his music is the use of synth organs and major jazz chords, like 7ths and 9ths which give it a housey, brighter, upbeat feeling, opposed to some techno which can feel a bit dark. 

Caliti SASH Night Oxford Arts Factory

The duo that brought you ‘Dabble’ events. Sydney fellas doing techno that can only be described as industrial and computer/digital machine noises. Sounds futuristic and out-there, pretty cool. 

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