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Playing This Week 19th - 25th September



Balko - Royal Bondi 

Sydney, 3-piece, attempt to play as many genres as they can in 3 minutes. Indie rock/pop to epic world music, metal and jazz fusion. You can tell they are musically trained and are intentionally putting the middle finger up to commercial, generic songwriting. 

Kyoshi x Cintra - Lansdowne

Kyoshi self described as “funk, neo-soul, space fusion and progressive jazz”. Which is pretty accurate. Sounds like ‘Crumb’ with Amy Winehouse-style singing. 

Cintra sounds like smooth jazz and soul with an essence of RnB singing. Too experimental for Smooth FM, too easy to listen to for FBi, but just right for 2SER.


Crocodylus - Harbord

Northern Beaches Boys return for a sure-to-be big homecoming to Harbord. They play, what feels like, old timey surf rock. Their distinctive sound revolves around excessive gat reverb, grainy vocals, boppy guitar riffs and harmonica solos. 

Jesse Curnow - The Vic

Imagine classic 00’s American pop punk singing. Also encapsulates classic pop punk song structure and themes. Very catchy and heartfelt. 

Dande and the Lions - Waywards 

On the pop side of indie rock. Triple J music through and through. Some phenomenally catchy sections and great vocals. Also heartfelt but with a bit of attitude.  

Kobie Dee - Lansdowne

Gomeroi fella doing hip Hop/rap/storytelling. Nails that classic Aussie Hip Hop sound; like Hilltop, 360, Bliss N Eso and Illy but often with a bit slower tempo. Top tier imagery, word play and rhythm. 

Zink - Bootleggers

Channeling Two Door Cinema Club and The Pigeon Detectives. 

Late Night Rock - Lansdowne 

Bands playing rock and/or roll upstairs and DJ playing the same downstairs. Pretty cool to have bands play so late. Worth getting around. 


Mickey Kojak 

Sydney producer taking DJing and songwriting to a very eclectic but worthwhile place. His songs feel like they begin with a foundation of generic EDM and pop, then are layered with complex, unique sounds and textures. Every song is different and ranges many genres; difficult to pigeon hole. 

Aodhan - The Vic

From the Gong, acoustic singer-songwriter, plays heartfelt 2-3 chord progression songs. Sounds like Elliot Smith mixed in with Peach Pit. 

Daphzie - Bootleggers

Pop punky or soft metal. Sounds like George Alice or a heavier and less poppy No Doubt. 

Gully days - Robin Hood

Eastern Suburbs boys do a modern take on old school Sydney pub rock, think “Screaming Jets” and “Sonny Boys”. Then they also do some slower more vocal driven stuff. For reference listen to the first male vocal verse of “Hold On” by The xx and then “Don’t Even Know Me” by the Gully Boys. 

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