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Playing This Week 21st - 27th November


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Pacific Avenue - Highfield Caringbah Friday

From Gerringong, predominantly indie rock, they sound like Powderfinger, Oasis, DMAs and The Terrys (also from Gerringong). The guitar riff in “Leaving for London” sounds suspiciously like Declan McKenna’s “Brazil” but with a fuller sound and less production filler overdubs. They have more British indie rock than American. Their biggest track, “Something Good” is a feel-good banger. 

Also, the drummer Dom, is big on the ol’ socials, famously doing, almost-exclusively, Harry Potter style skits. He appears on heaps of The Inspired Unemployed’s videos. 

Cub Sport - Bungalow 8 Saturday 

From Brissy, originally named “Tim Nelson and the Cub Scouts” and a six-piece in 2010. Back then, there were more of your typical indie rock band, however, since then, they are more of a dreamy synth, electronic band. Tim Nelson is still the lead singer and gives Cub Sport their distinctive vocal sound which centers around wispy, high-pitched, almost head voice, singing. “Come On Mess Me Up” is their most well-known song and is an absolute gift. When the chorus comes in, it really hits deep and is very emotional. 

Apparently they also DJ, which is what their set will be at Bungalow. They will be chucking in a few songs of their own and spinning some groovy, summery house beats.

Guns N Roses - Accor Sunday

From LA, GNR have been rock legends for nearly 40 years. They have two very famous members, Slash the guitarist, and Axl Rose, the singer. They are often thought of as the pinnacle of Hard Rock bands, and are reasonable for a lot of the most iconic rock songs ever, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Welcome to the Jungle”, “November Rain” and “Paradise City”. For anyone that has picked up a guitar, the main riff and solo of “Sweet Child O Mine”, is the ultimate litmus test for technical ability. Slash and his signature Gibson Les Paul, top hat and long black hair and aviators defined rock music tropes to this day. 

Interestingly, the band has had lot of line-up changes over the nearly 40 year span, due to drug addictions and falling outs. The current set up has ⅗ of the original members. The weirdest members include: Bucket head, Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba. 

Stormzy - Hordern Pav Sunday

“State your name, cuz?” 

“Stormzy, innit”

“Tell my man, shut ta!” 

“Couple man called me a backup dancer

Onstage at the BRITs, I'm a backup dancer

If that makes me a backup dancer

The man in your vids? Backup dancer” 

Listen to “Shut up’ it is phenomenal, iconic UK grime rap with some of the ridiculous lyrics and delivery. 

Stormzy is huge, figuratively and literally. Headlining Glastonbury in 2019, after releasing his huge song “Vossi Bop”. Before this success, Stormzy grew a lot of initial attention on youtube doing freestyle rapping and rap battles. 

Self-described as “a child of grime”. Grime is characterised by syncopated breakbeats (sampling an old drum beat, where there is a break in the music so the drums could be isolated completely) and speeding them up to around 140bpm. Grime is heavily influenced by UK garage electronic music and afrobeats, jungle and dancehall. 

Stormzy is also weirdly political and is a huge left wing advocate. 

Khruangbin - Sydney Opera House Sunday

Khruangbin is Thai for ‘Flying Engine’ or ‘Airplane’, despite being from Houston, Texas. Famously hard to categorise, Khruangbin’s distinctive sound comes from their reverby guitar, echoy vocals, slower tempos, subtle and soft playing technique and an overall dreamy and rhythmic feel. They are in between funk, RnB, Soul and what feels like jazz and soft rock sometimes. 

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