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Playing This Week 24th October - 30th October


Playing This Week


Parcels - Enmore Theatre

From Byron bay and now living in Berlin, Parcels are best buds with Daft Punk. Daft wrote and produced their song “Overnight”. Think “Get Lucky” with the scratchy funk guitar groovy, 70s bass sounds and bright organs and synths and heaps of percussion. Heartfelt, slower tempo disco.

Latifa Tee - Beach Road 

Hosts Triple J Saturday 10pm-1am. Producer and singer makes pop music with a bit of altsy edge. Her song ‘Cupid’ is worth a listen. 

Alex Lahey - Oxford Art Factory

Melbourne singer and songwriter plays very accessible pop-punk. Doing a national tour, her first since 2019. Her singing trends the line between talking and singing in most verses and then has some catchy sections.

Wolfmother - Crow Bar 

From Sydney, a massive early 2000s Aussie artist. Weirdly associated with NRL Grandfinals and pre-game pump up segments. Wolfmother is very similar to The White Stripes and Jet, in the sense that they are a phenomenal alternative rock bands that have one or two really commercial songs that everyone knows but isn’t a reflection of their true genre and fan base. Feels like Black Sabbath on acid. Wolfmother’s technical ability and songwriting writing is very underrated. 


Wavves - Oxford Art Factory 

Wavves were massive in 2010 with their release of their debut. Acid surf rock from California, they are the American version of Skeggs, Dune Rats and Hockey Dad. Two shows at the OAF they are a nostalgic band for people mid to late 20s and early 30s cool kids. 

Great Gable - Factor Theatre

From WA, indie rock with a sticky fingers-esque reggae rhythm and large choruses. Similar to Dez from Sticky, sings from the back of the throat. Their song ‘All my Friends’ sounds a bit more like Spacey Jane and Hockey Dad.

June and the Desert Flames - Lansdowne 

From Sydney, alternative/inde with an old-timey fell, 12 bar blues and folk foundations with rock and pop finishing touches.

thndo - Mary’s Underground 

Melbourne. Soulful electro pop. Great production with RnB and Soul influence with sparkling female vocals over the top. 


Jess Spahr - Beach Road

From South Sydney, does electro pop. Sounds like London Grammar and Tori Amos. 

Cone of Confusion - Waywards

From Sydney. Sounds like Jeff Buckley but with saxophone, clarinet and vibraphone. Expect long instrumentals with spacey jams and improvised solos. Love their use of modes and polyrhythms. Also a bit Pink Floyd, dark side of the moon but a jazz band. 

Mac the Knife - House of Music and Booze

From Sydney, punk, indie rock. Have played with Polish Club. Very garagey and raw in a good way.

Bad//Dreems - Crow Bar

From Adelaide, the modern Midnight Oil, both in terms of sound and politically charged music. Safe to say they are progressive pub rockers. 

ALOK - Home 

From Brazil, ranked 4th best DJ by DJ Mag. Plays quintessential EDM and Deep House Pop. Best known for his song ‘Hear Me Now’. 

Before the King - Vic on the Park 

From the Inner West, feel good upbeat indie rock with angsty lyrics. Sounds like The Strokes, Satin Cali and Pacific Avenue. 


Raised as Wolves - Chippo 

From the Gong, Indie/alternative Punk. Hopefully not named after that U2 album that magically appeared on everyones iPod/Iphone that couldn’t be deleted. Less angsty punk and more fun. 

Snoee Badman - Scruffy Murphys

The first Australian to release an EP inside a Maximum-security prison, sings about a dislike towards the police and hurting people. Classical drill rap, says words like “tings” instead of “things” and “innit” instead of “isn’t it”, which stylist of UK drill rap despite being from Australia. Expects some ad lib background “brrrrts”. 

Voiid - Wayward

From Brissy, Punk Rock, all female. Advocates for feminism and other social issues. Expect coloured hair and tattoos. 

Deez Nutz - Oxford Art Factory

From Melbourne, hardcore punk with anthem-like songs. Sounds a bit like Limp Biscuit. 

Yolanda be Cool - Seadeck

From Bondi, got famous with their song “We no speak Americano”. But they are in their right, so much more than a one hit wonder. EDM specialists. Listen to “Dance and Chart” and “From Me to You”

Tigerlily and Havana Brown - Marquee

Tigerlily, from Sydney, is known for her stage and online presence. Voted Australia’s best Female DJ 3 years in a row. Plays big pop EDM sounds with a hint of heavier electronic music. 

Havana Brown, from Melbourne, very similar to Tigerlily. Got a lot of attention with her remix of “We Run The Night”. 

Organs - Vic on the park 

From Sydney, grainy vocals and fast paced rock music. 


Kerry Wallace - Sash by Day 

Head Honcho on the decks, expect a master class. 

Spooky Guest - Sash by Night 

Scary stuff. 

Mella Dee - Lost Sunday

UK DJ best known for his song “Techno Disco Tool”, disco goodness. 

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