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Playing This Week 26th September - 2nd October



BLXST - Noir

American Rapper, Hip Hop and RnB. Has written songs with Kendrick Lamar. Playing at the Metro then having afters at Noir.

Central Cee - Maali

British Rapper from Shepherd's Bush, got famous through people using his song "Doja" on Tik Tok, with the line "How can I be homophobic, my bitch is gay". Sold out Show, hosting the afters at Maali.


Eagle Eye Jones - Oxford Art Factory

Sydney Band, playing laid but groovy indie rock. Supported by Sloan Peterson and others.

Benson Boone - Lansdowne

A sensational Nova FM radio voice. Emotional songwriting and vocal tones. From USA

Steph Strings - Harbord

Acoustic singer songwriter playing soft, fragile and beautiful songs.

Yawdoesitall - Royal Bondi

Aussie Hip Hop from Sydney. Does some cool collabs listen to " Fussin' "


Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Lansdowne

From Melbourne, Classic Indie Rock.

Kirklandd - Beach Rd

Rapper but also kind of sings raps or just sings.

Willaris K - Roundhouse

Massive artist.

James Jenson - Ivanhoe

Acoustic, dreamy and heaps of percussion.

LO'99 and Stacie Fields - Steyne

Both from Sydney. Top class producing and mixing.

The Wattles - The Vic

Indie Rock/folkish band from Sydney, emotionally charged and long build ups

Carolina Gasolina - Waywards

DJ with heaps other DJs


Teenage Dads - Lansdowne

Wobbly guitar and synths very electro indie rock, from Melbourne. Grainy vocals pushed back in the mix is the quintessential indie rock mixing technique and sounds great.

Groove City (DJ set) - Coogee Pav

DJing but usually a band, kind of. Very disco funk.

Fripps and Fripps - The Vic

Cronulla Rockers. Nice blend of rock, indie, post-grunge (like the strokes) and a bit poppy.

Roddy Ricch - Marquee

Listen to 'The Box'.

Sgt Slick - Sheaf

Fucking Gimme Gimme lol

Bag Raiders - Glass Island

You know that one song.


Client Liaison - Bungalow 8

You probably already know at least 2 songs.

Timomatic - Argyle

Timomatic is an Australian Icon and an honorary Argyle resident artist.

Shady Nasty - Waywards

Sydney-siders have the aesthetic of DMAs but play experimental, almost twisted, dark punk with spacey vocals, someone said they do hip hop but I can't hear it.

Touch Sensitive - Coogee Pav

You probably know at least one song 'Lay Down'

Little Fritter - Noir

Bobby tech‍

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