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Playing This Week 28th November - 4th December


Playing This Week


Jxdn  - Oxford Arts Factory

Tik Tok personality from Tennessee. Has the same energy as Machine Gun Kelly, it’s not surprising they have done collabs together. Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182, producers a lot of his songs. New Wave pop punk that sounds like trap pop but is heavily influenced by old school pop punk. 


Y.O.G.A Reuben Styles - Beach Rd

One of the guys from Peking Duk’s solo project. His big track ‘Your Devotion’ has a weird cowboy timey sound to it with nylon guitar intro and a tremolo twangy guitar when the main riff comes in mixed in with upbeat dance music. 

Jinjer - Manning Bar 

Ukrainian hardcore metal band. This is a side show for their Good Things Festival tour. Soft singing and screaming.


Bliss n Eso - Metro Theatre

From Sydney. Along with Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso is arguably the definition of Aussie Hip Hop. Reaching mainstream peak between 2005-2015. Bliss n Eso encapsulates the difference between Aussie Hip Hop and American/UK hip hop, in the sense that their lyrics are more positive and about having a good time, opposed to being a gangster, doing drugs and inciting violence like US/UK styles. They have huge tracks you’ll know and most likely have nostalgia for. 

The Butlers - Chippo 

From NZ. Expect jazz chords, soul singing and laid back beats while flirting with being an indie rock band. 

Abroad - Royal Bondi

From the Gong, sounds like Rufus Du Sol and Hayden James, in that it’s melodic slow, euphoric electronic pop music that builds into a Slow BPM drops.

Dadbod - House of Music and Booze 

Chill and dreamy indie rock, with wobbly, glittery guitars with heaps of chorus and reverb and with a fuzzier and stronger bass than what is usual for the style of indie rock.


Bryan Ro (WeLove) - Burdekin 

From Germany now living in Sydney. Bringing Berlin style techno to Aus.

Rufus Du Sol - Domain 

Friday and Saturday 

From Sydney. The quintessential Aussie Summer festival headliner, euphoric electro-pop with melodic singing and very long and worthwhile build ups. Two shows at the Domain is huge and speaks to how popular they are. Expect people hugging and saying something to the effect of “I never tell you this enough man but I love you” in the crowd as the music starts peaking.

Anna Morgan - Tokyo Sing Song

From the Bronx in US, doing breakbeats, hip hop and a range of electronic stylings, like house to quicker, more intense stuff.

Marsh Long (Black Noir) - Flinders 

A Melbourne heavyweight, in for a treat. A DJ and a radio host. Will turn Flinders into Revs for a night.

Taj Ralph - The Vic 

From Sydney, RnB and Hip Hop that's influenced by smooth jazz and dance music. This will be phenomenal, worth checking out. 

LB aka Labat - Oxford Art Factory 

From Lyon in France, expect a range of tech house, house and techno. 

Vegas & Blazy - The Bridge Hotel 

Two very big house techno DJs. 

Paul Van Dyk - Civic Underground 

Massive German Trance DJ from the late 90s and early 2000s. Helped start and build the genre of trance and has won heaps of awards. 

Beth Yen & Alan Thompson - Oxford Underground 

From Sydney, house and electronic music

Stressless & Rat Boy School Excursion - Yulli’s Brewery 

Stressless, from Sydney, do alternative indie rock. It's not as pop focused as most indie rock, this is more similar to classic indie rock, bit more like I Heart Hiroshima and Children Collide. 

A.D.K.O.B - Waywards 

Listen to the song ‘Glue’, absolute banger! Im surprised this hasn’t picked up already and played a thousands times by Triple J. Indie Rock and Pop, very melodic with hints of folk singing, upbeat and catchy.


Nate S.U. B2B Elijah Something B2B Andy Ivory - Clovelly 

Once in a blue moon day party at the Cloey, should be a massive day, great house and tech house DJs. 

POOLCLVB - Glass Island 

Sydney producer and DJ, pop house and dancey. 

Edith - Chippo Hotel 

From Sydney, Julia Jackson-esque with more attitude and a synth instead of a guitar. Great sensitive vocals with catchy tunes. 

Alex Preston & Amorhouse - Ivy Pool 

Disco House, Alex Preston famously DJs with a guitar, makes upbeat dance music with a bit of scratchy guitars and melodic vocal hooks. 

Eegor and ZigMon - Church of Techno 

Minimalist, murky techno.

Goodwill & Groove Terminator - Sheaf 

Groove Terminator is best known for remixing old popular dance songs, has been on the Aussie circuit for ages. Started as a Hip Hop DJ then moved into Ministry of Sound realm, featuring in several compilations.  

Tamara & the Dreams - The Vic 

From Melbourne, self-described as “angst indie pop”, says enough.

Sunday Estate - Lansdowne 

From Sydney, indie pop and rock sounds likes The Killers.

Idjut Boys - Club Inner West (Portugal Madeira Club) 

From London, dub-heavy house music. Have been around since the 90s and run three record labels.

Surprise Chef - Oxford Art Factory 

From Coburg, Melbourne, which is like the Marrickville of VIC. Self-described as “Instrumental jazz-funk”, expect to hear bongos, syncopated beats, jazz chords with a funk scratch guitar playing, bright synths and weird chord progressions and modes. 

Jon Hopkins - Metro Theatre 

Huge UK Producer, who helps write on massive artists like Coldplay, David Holmes and Brian Eno. In his solo project, he does contemporary electronic classical music. Imagine a movie score, he plays that. Emotion-evoking, ambient and thought-provoking. This deserves to be at the Sydney Opera House. 

Pixies - Sydney Opera House 

Saturday and Sunday 

One of the biggest alternative rock bands from the late 80s and early 90s, influenced just about every 90s indie and alternative band, from nirvana, radiohead, smashing pumpkins and weezer. They also dabble in surf rock and punk rock. 

Andrew Wowk - Kings Cross Hotel 

In the same vein as techno, could be better described as something other than techno but you get the gist. From Sydney and helping launch a new event at Kings Cross Hotel. 


Cassettes for Kids - Lost Sundays 

From Melbourne, upbeat techno and tech house. 


Casey Spillman By Day at Greenwood

From the UK, electronic, dance, house

Kerry Wallace By Night at Oxford Art Factory

Runs SASH, expect nothing other iconically SASH music.

Mama Snake - Oxford Underground 

Was apart of Apeiron Crew and works a doctor, Sara Svanholm does electronic music.

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