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Playing This Week 31st October - 6th November


Playing This Week


Mickey Kojak - Beach Rd 

Sydney producer taking DJing and songwriting to a very eclectic but worthwhile place. His songs feel like they begin with a foundation of generic EDM and pop, then are layered with complex, unique sounds and textures. Listen to “Save your breath” its a fucking banger. 

Soilwork - Manning Bar 

Death metal band from Sweden. Started in 1995 and got big in 2000s. Expect screaming, yelling and roaring, with a bit of melody chucked in there every now and then. They use a bit of synth as well. 

Idles - Enmore Theatre 

Wednesday and Thursday 

Idles (DJ Set) - Lansdowne 

British punk rockers from Bristol, do social commentary and political songs. 

“Me, oh me, oh my, Roy

You look like a walking thyroid

You're not a man, you're a gland

You're one big neck with sausage hands

You are a Topshop tyrant

Even your haircut's violent

You look like you're from Love Island

You stood and the room went silent” 

From ‘Never fight a man with a perm’. Aggressive and insightful.


Marys Underground 


Punk Rock  from Sydney. Songs about capitalism and its harms. Fast, aggressive and PC.


Hunter Valley political punk and rock for the “working man” and woman. 


Sydney ‘industrial noise’ punk band. 

Cap Carter - Lansdowne

From Sydney, doing fragile, delicate songs with an influence of stripped back RnB, soul and soft pop. Great voice.  

WIIGZ - oxford arts factory  

Electro Pop Duo. They have a big presence on Tik Tok. They make pretty good videos and make all their content themselves. They also make all their own music videos and live productions. Very cool, worth getting around. 


Austin Mackay - Chippo 

Hot boy from Newcastle with a guitar. Very accessible indie pop taking inspirations from folk and country. Expect fangirls drooling over hearthrob and soon to be heartbreaker. 

Kitten heel + Moon Bran & The diot - Waywards 

The boys from Austie do some eclectic and groovy stuff. Think Talking Heads, LSD Soundsystem and Bloc Party. They sound amazing live and put on a very entertaining performance.  

Palms + Bloods - House of Music and Booze

They have that one song, “love” is a surf rockers dream. From the US and doing a show with ‘bloods’. 

Fuming + Lucky day - The Vic 

Boys from Orange, country NSW. Feel good, bobby surf/indie rock. 

Booka Shade - Home 

From Frankfurt, Germany. House/electronic and have been around for ages. Here is a link to get $10 off tickets.

Andy Bull - Lansdowne 

From Sydney, Andy Bull is a producer and songwriter. A distinctively high pitched voice and poetic lyrics. He often sings about struggles of modern life and mental health, such as self-doubt and self-inflicted problems. His songs are heartfelt and happy/sad (happy music, sad lyrics). 

Battlesnake - Mary’s Underground 

So over the top, it’s almost satire. But it’s cool. The perform in their undies, have 100 people on stage and have outrageous songs about the underworld, wizards and mythology. Highly entertaining, good old fashioned hard rock. 

Upsahl - Oxford Arts Factory

From America, dark pop. Think Billie eilish but less scary and without the production competency of finneas (Billies brother and co-songwriter, producer)

Mall Grab - Roundhouse 

Thursday (sold Out)

From Newcastle, living in london. Heavily inspired by london techno scene. At times, murky, subtle and a bit weird; and other times, housey, with that classic 7th chord keys and female adlib vocals. 

James Reyne - Enmore Theatre

Friday and Saturday 

“Living and a working on the land” is the phrase you have probably heard before, an Australian Classic. He was the lead singer of Australian Crawl, who made some of Australia’s most iconic pub rock music in 1986. Listen to “Boys Light Up” and “Dont be so Reckless”. His solo music has left a similar mark on history but more in the country/soft rock/folk music field. 


Pricey - Waywards

From the sunny coast, the lead singer of ‘The chats’ and some mates are doing a solo project. Songs are short, surf-punk and rock. Expect to see a beachy crowd with long hair and hats that look like they should be in the dune rats. 

Lincoln’s Gold - The Vic

Self-described “last rock and roll group in sydney” which I think is a big miss by them. Not only is there heaps of generic rock bands in Sydney but they dont even sound rock and roll. It’s more punk than anything else. Expect some stereotypical attempted rockstar behaviour. 

The terrys - Oxford Arts Factory 

From Gerringong, probably friends with Pacific Avenue and the Inspired Unemployed. Sounds like dreamy, sparkly happy indie surf rock. Hockey dad-ish.

Witchskull - Lansdowne 

Spooky doom metal from Canberra.

Natale Slade & Monstress - Marys underground 

Sydney based. New-age soul and jazz, with subtle RnB sensibilities. Very cool. Amazing vocalist. 

Swim - Civic 

From Melbourne, electronic, techno, house. Use of layered and echoed vocals and drawn out distant brass synths brings a very emotive aspect to the house/techno sound, which is really cool. 


Ziezie (UK) - Waywards

British rapper and singer. Taking inspiration from african music styles and house/EDM/rnb qualities. Internationally acclaimed. 

Soso - Lansdowne 

Classic punk rock from Sydney. 

Lost Sundays 

Roza Terenzi from Sydney but moved to Melbourne. A mix of industrial, rubbery, techno and house. Is on the way up. 


Rossi from Sydney. A minimalist techno specialist. 

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