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Playing This Week 7th - 13th November


7th - 13th November 

Tuesday 8th 

Dua Lipa - Qudos Arena

Tuesday and wednesday 

Before her 2020 album ‘Future Nostalgia’ in 2020 Dua lipa was arguably just another pop singer. With that album, songs like ‘Dont Start Now’ and ‘Levitating’ changed things. Heavily influenced by funk, disco and RnB but in this modern and fresh way. It’s undeniable her voice is amazing, but it’s incredible that the accompaniment is of the same caliber.  If you’re a hater, try again. 

Wednesday 9th 

Blake.08 - Beach Rd 

From Sydney. A producer, so he writes his own songs, but also a DJ. If you’re concerned that house and techno is sounding a bit samey - listen to this guy. Start with his song ‘Playhouse’. Reminds me of The Avalanches.

Ladyhawke - factory theatre 

From Wellington, NZ. Thought of, unfortunately, as a one hit wonder. But geez, it’s a banger… “My Delirium”. Synth-pop, indie rock and new wave but made the mainstream which is cool. Very dreamy, catchy and self-reflective.

Hanson - Enmore theatre 

Band of brothers with the family name same as their band from Oklahoma, US. They used to have feminine looks and voices, but now they look more like the lead guy from metallica. Also a one hit wonder, that chorus that doesn’t have any words, just ‘mmbop mmbop du ba mmmboop, du’ in 1997 was a massive hit. Catchy, easy-listening, nonsensical pop.

Russ - Hordern Pavilion

From New Jersey, US. Fragile, sensitive, alternative hip hop and rap. 

Thursday 10th

Everchange - Chippo 

From Sydney, sings like it’s pop punk but without the punk. Instead it’s highly produced EDM choruses and then stripped back verses. Sounds a bit american. 

Abby Bella May - Lansdowne 

From Sydney, pop, indie, electronic. Softly spoken lyrics with heaps of production. Emotional lyrics with what appears like bedroom pop but is actually really well produced. Still Woozy-ish and Billie Eilish-ish. 

Charley - Marys Underground 

From Sydney, has a voice that you could imagine coming 2nd or 3rd on Australian Idol. Polished, well articulated lyrics and a voice full of expression. Often slower, heartfelt songs about heartache, otherwise stripped back pop.

Wallows - Enmore theatre 

From LA, US. Define electro-indie pop. For nostalgic, soul-touching, loneliness-inducing angst listen to ‘These Days’. They also have impeccable sound quality and tone selection. Not all their songs are like ‘these days’, ‘Scrawny’ is a classic happy/sad, happy music with sad lyrics. “You dont like my clothes but you like my style, a scrawny motherfucker with a cool hairstyle”. They know their audience.

Friday 11th

Butter Bath - Chippo 

From Newcastle but now in Sydney, dream psych rock with RnB sensibilities packaged in digestible pop. Weird synths sounds over groovy guitar and basslines and echoey vocals. 

Thunderfox - House of Music and Booze

From Sydney, soul jazz with old skool RnB vibes. Heaps of rhythm and higher vocals. Very technical players, slower tempo.

Gut Health - The Vic

From Melbourne, quick rock and indie rock. Self described as “post-punk” okay - rock.

Katchafire - Dee Why RSL 

From NZ, reggae. Formerly a Bob Marley tribute band and you can tell. They absolutely nail his sound but in a fresh NZ accent, which is very cool. 

Loretta - Oxford Arts Factory 

Sydney based. Think ‘Two Door Cinema Club’. Almost a tribute band with different lyrics. 

Riot Code - Oxford Arts Factory 

In your face, techno. Boarders on UK garage techno, heaps of industrial, mechanical noises.   

Primitive Blast - lansdowne 

Sydney. Hardcore, screamo, very quick and aggressive. 

Loco Dice - Roundhouse

Stripped back house/techno with a journey through weird percussion coming in and out and little vocal ad libs. Very slow build ups but worth every second, you don't know what’s coming up but trust him, he’ll take you somewhere nice.

Aweminus - Cult 

Drum and Bass from Las Vegas. Think Skrillex.

Calum Scott - Enmore Theatre 

Huge English artist. Massive mainstream songs. Very talented voice and appropriate accompaniment for his style. Emotional and sensitive lyrics. 

Sly Withers - Metro theatre 

From Perth, self-described as “Feelsy indie-punk’. Spot on. 

Saturday 12th 

Kingdom Calm - The Vic 

From Sydney, classic rock vibes. Very blueys. But doesn’t stay there the whole time, with heaps of variety in their songs mixing in some pop and punk-ish sounds. 

Fisher - The Domain 

You know fisher.

John Digweed and Jeremy Olander - Ivy 

Progressive house and tech house from the UK. Has played alongside Carl Cox and The Prodigy. One of the early tech DJs from Europe in the 1990s, who made the genre what it is today.

Dekleyn - Lansdowne 

From Western Sydney, self-described “electronic/indie-pop”, I wouldn’t say indie, I’d just say electronic pop. Great vocals and production. Feels like they are striving for Nova and KIIS fm.

Yung Singh - Marys Underground 

Raised in the UK and of Punjabi-Sikh heritage, is a massive UK garage, grime, jungle and a bit of DnB, which is just heavier techno. Has been gaining a lot of attention in the techno scene and praised for incorporating his Punjabii tradition sensibilities into his mixes. 

Enter Shikari - Roundhouse 

British post-hardcore, hardcore punk and metalcore. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then it’s metal-ish and punk-ish with synths and is a mix of singing and screaming. And they are very well regarded for these people that like that music as being pioneers of new and eclectic heavier music. 

Supahoney - Oxford Art Factory 

From Sydney, clean punk/grunge or quick indie rock. Has an essence of Smashing Pumpkins, in  the clean grunge sound. Wispy, soft vocals with heaps of delay. 

The Beefs - Oxford Art Factory 

From Sydney, sounds aussie and plays rock. Sounds a bit like bad dreems. 

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