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Sydney Nightlife With Special Guests (Live Podcast Event)

Live Podcast Event at Soda Factory on the 20th April with Industry Leaders
Bondi Lines

Bondi Lines Live Podcast Event

With the help of our follower’s input, we conjured up a range of questions and talking points then put it to our guests. 

This conversation was held on the 20th April at Soda Factory with special industry guests in front of a live audience. 

The Special Industry Guests:

  • Michael Rodriguez, self-described as “NSW’s First Night Mayor” or the “24 hour Economy Commissioner“
  • Nick Van Tiel, Head of Music & Entertainment at Merivale 
  • Alex O’Neil, Marketing Manager at Solotel
  • Flexy Ferg, Midstreet & TMRW Producer and Artist 
  • Emily Collins, Managing Director of Music NSW
  • Bondi Lines Spokesperson & MC

Some of topics raised throughout the podcast:

  • Cost of living in general and the costs of operating events and venues.
  • Government regulations including noise restrictions
  • Venue security rules and enforcement
  • Nightlife as more than just late night clubs/raves
  • Economics of entertainment variety

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