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Sydney Vs Melbourne Part 1

Bondi Lines

Everyone knows that Melbourne’s nightlife goes later than Sydney. As a result everyone considers Melbourne to have the superior nightlife. Having a 24hr nightlife economy doesn’t just mean people are out later, it has a range of knock-on effects that improve the nightlife culture overall.


Nightlife culture encompasses everything from the people to the type of venues and events. The culture in Melbourne seems on the surface better than Sydney’s; there is a greater diversity of entertainment across all days of the week.


It seems that as a result people go out more often in Melbourne which constantly adds to and refines the culture. More venues are able to open, venues and offerings evolve over time and this creates a self-fulfilling cycle.


Sydney’s nightlife culture on the other hand is much more commercial in the literal and metaphoric sense. Since restrictions were imposed, Sydney nightlife has become scattered. There are no uptown strips of venues apart from Oxford Street. As a result, going out is centred around the experience you have in one or two venues.


In Sydney, people have worse nights because you can’t move to multiple different venues without forking out for an Uber or risk getting denied by Sydney security guards who are notoriously strict.


This has occurred over the last 7 years and people now go out less and use going out primarily to celebrate occasions. This means that venues need to have broad appeal in their offerings, as Sydney siders are only interested in reliable and comfortable experiences.


What is interesting though is that the venues in Melbourne on their own aren’t necessarily better than Sydney’s. In fact, they are probably worse. As a whole, they seem less taken care of, smaller and less polished than Sydney venues. I think this demonstrates quite clearly that nightlife culture as a whole plays a much larger role than the quality of venues.


A final point to make is that Melbourne venues don’t have as many picturesque locations to rely on to attract people into their venues. The traffic to some of the most popular venues in Sydney such as Coogee Pav, Bungalow, Cargo are all heavily reliant on having beach and harbour views. Melbourne on the other hand, doesn’t have the luxury of relying on views and landscapes to pull large crowds. Instead, there is a much greater level of effort put into not only the quality of entertainment, but the diversity and consistency of the entertainment.

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