DeGen Pass

1st Month Free

As a DeGen you get access to exclusive offers in the Bondi Lines DeGen Pass. These are not available to the rest of our users.

This is only $9.90 per month (less than a vodka soda). Once you're subscribed, you'll receive an email to access the below offers. If you need anything, DM us on insta @bondi_lines.

The exclusive offers include:

Lost Sundays April

Free Entry, $30 Off

Above at Ivy April 6, 20, 27

Free Tickets, $25-30 off the door

Home the Venue Saturday

Free Entry Anytime, $35 off the door

Argyle Friday & Saturday

Free Entry Anytime, $30 off

Sheaf Wednesday

Line Skip & Free Drink

SASH Sundays


Side Bar Wednesday

Line Skip & Free Entry

La Cueva Thursdays

Free Entry & Drink Anytime, $20 off the door

Side Bar Friday and Saturday

Free Entry & Line Skip Anytime, $10-15 off the door

Scary Canary Friday

Free Entry, Line Skip and Scary Jar, $10 off the door

Scary Canary Saturday

Free Entry, Line Skip and Scary Jar pre 12am Saturday, $10 off the door

Soda Saturday

Line Skip, Free Entry & Free Drink, $20 Off

La Cueva Saturday

Free Entry, $25 off door

Sussudio Saturday

Free Entry, $25 Off

Ivy Pool Saturday


Bondi Lines DeGen Pass

$ 19.90 AUD


The DeGen Pass is a subscription that gives you access to exclusive offers not available to the rest of our Bondi Lines followers. There are offers for venues such as Argyle on Saturday, Soda on Thursday, Cargo on Saturday, Home the Venue on Saturday, Side Bar on Friday & Saturday, Scary Canary on Saturday, Cliff Dive on Friday & Saturday, The Carter on Saturday, La Cueva on Thursday, Goros on Saturday. In addition, upon subscribing, you will be mailed a limited edition Bondi Lines Gold Card. Your account will be charged monthly.